the art of recovery is born from the threat of addiction

Today, Janice will face her high powered ex-husband in family court for the custody of their daughter. As head waitress at the Depot Diner, staying clean and doing the NEXT right thing is her priority. When Johnny, her boss makes a decision that affects her ability to appear in court, Janice has to face her demons of addiction and choose whether to stay clean through life's adversity or "screw it" and use....



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What People Are Saying..

“One of the most moving and honest films I have even seen. You are doing great things Marisa. God Bless.”

– Michael Charzuk, Executive Producer/Director of


"Story is heart wrenching, shot SO beautifully, performances are powerful, solid cast and I loved the music!!! So well done. Congrats on everything and what you continue to do, really inspiring stuff here. Heart is very full after watching this. "

- Elizabeth Hendrickson, Margaux of "General Hospital"


"GRACE is a gritty glimpse into the most desperately bleak time of a woman's life. Marisa's performance is absolutely heartbreaking, taking the audience along on an emotional journey that is sure to stick with them long after the credits have rolled."

- Brian Zagorski,  Senior VP of


"WOW. I am blown away by the sheer powerfulness of Marisa's experiences and ability to succinctly share them in such an incredible narrative. The film is just amazing. The cinematography is incredible. So well acted."

- Lisa Green, Director of Administration at Lead Edge Capital


“Marisa Vitali’s GRACE is a conversation-sparking emotional short-film capturing the humanity and complexities behind those struggling with addiction. A powerful film to learn more about the 45 million Americans directly impacted by the leading cause of death.”

- Greg Williams, Filmmaker & Executive VP of Facing Addiction with NCADD


Over the moon to have had you at Lehigh County Jail Marisa!!! You did a tremendous job today inspiring, encouraging and providing hope for our female inmates! My staff and Deputy Warden loved you Marisa! Amazing how much enthusiasm, empathy, encouragement, community and hope were exhibited and felt by all! And now a new Certified Recovery Specialist Re-entry Program instantly provided for the female inmate population during your visit! Bam! Home run today for the female inmates of Lehigh County Jail! Expecting more big things for the females thanks to you! Not enough words to describe my admiration, respect and appreciation for all you did at LCJ today!

- Douglas W. Mette, Treatment Supervisor and Notary Public, Lehigh Country Jail


“GRACE is a great film! And Marisa does such real work in it!”

- Chris Kerson, Willie Boy Johnson of "Gotti" w/ John Travolta 


“Wow what a massive undertaking and accomplishment! What I think I loved the most about it is the clear juxtaposition/chasm between the people who “get it” or understand what’s going on and the people who don’t… of course it’s a ton of gray area too, with the douchebag owner being an addict as well… but the idea that SOOO many people feel they get to sit in judgment of a MASSIVE picture of which they can only see one tiny sliver was loud and clear and makes you think. Everyone has their little naive glib take… and it’s worth exactly nothing and is the last thing from relevant to the reality.  I’m very glad this was made… I’m sure it was healing and hopefully will be to others as well.

- Sofia Karstens, Producer 


“Marisa’s talent, passion and work ethic is unparalleled in addition to being a truly loving and generous human being. Such a rare and potent combination.”

- Lee Scharfstein, Executive Producer 


“Loved GRACE! Beautiful film.”

- Eythan Maidhof, Cinematographer of "Live at the Comedy Castle"


“This was a fantastic film. Really great job Marisa Vitali”

- Thomas Caruthers, Executive Director of Connecticut Film Festival


“Marisa has amazing tenacity and dedication to her art. She is relentless in whatever she pursues and does it with style and GRACE. Her positive energy is contagious!”

- Merryl Rogers


“I had the pleasure of meeting Marisa at the Long Island International Film Festival a few years ago. You have to admire and respect this woman for advancing her film career while educating people about addiction and how it affects the lives of the victims and their family and friends. God Bless you Marisa you are a true role model for young men and women.” 

- Frank J Orefice, Screenwriter of "Lords of BSV"


“I love this movie and I love you! Recovery rocks”

- Danielle Martin, Executive VP of Sales at IRIS.TV


"When I first got to know the story behind grace, Marisa inspired me... to deal with my own afflictions and now my life is blessed in recovery.. and for that I will always be grateful.”

- Cuan White, Architect


Places Where GRACE Has Screened..


John W. Engeman Theater

Northport, New York


Lehigh County Jail

Allentown, PA


Care Talks by McShin Foundation

Allentown, PA


Rally in the Valley

Allentown, PA


SUNY Cortland

Cortland, New York


Hostos Community College

Bronx, New York


Saint Peter's University

Jersey City, New Jersey