the art of recovery is born from the threat of addiction

Today, Janice will face her high powered ex-husband in family court for the custody of their daughter. As head waitress at the Depot Diner, staying clean and doing the NEXT right thing is her priority. When Johnny, her boss makes a decision that affects her ability to appear in court, Janice has to face her demons of addiction and choose whether to stay clean through life's adversity or "screw it" and use....



Chris Kerson

CHRIS KERSON, a transformational film, stage and television actor, received his acting training from Charlie Laughton, who was mentor to Al Pacino. In roles ranging from offbeat comedy to intense drama, he has starred in 17 plays and acted opposite Judith Malina a founder of the award winning Living Theater. He originated the role “Carl the Usher” in the New York premier of the never before performed Tennessee Williams' play, These Are the Stairs You Gotta Watch. He also starred as “Father Edwards” in the New York premier of Mario Fraetti’s Missionaries opposite Tony Nominee Rose Gregorio. He has been the lead in over 30 feature and short films over his career, several of which have gone to film festivals such as Cannes, Slamdance, Berlin, and Worldfest. In the last four years he has been a lead in 21 SAG features and shorts. Chris has had pivotal roles in six features in the last year, including Independent Spirit Award nominee Tim McCann’s Zero in the System and in the Anchor Bay feature Daylight's End.  Chris' newest 2013 reel can be viewed here.

Cost of a Soul, a film Chris starred in, was named the winner of Relativity’s Rogue and AMC Theatres’s “The Big Break Movie Contest.” On May 20, 2011 the film opened in 50 major movie markets across the United States, including New York and Los Angeles. Recently, it has been playing on Showtime and the Movie Channel. The film received a tremendous amount of media coverage and was called a "breakout performance." See review.  A reel from Cost of Soul is available to view here

Some of the reviews of Chris' work are:

"Kerson is tightly wound yet so clearly affected by his growing affection for a daughter he never knew that he is a study in contrasts. His anger over having to resume "the life" feeds his killing frenzy. He knows he will pay a price eventually but never hesitates to kill." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Kerson's performance is intense." - New York Daily News

"Actor Chris Kerson may not yet be a household name, but with his unbelievable range and strong work ethic, he soon will be." - Icon vs Icon, All Things Pop Culture 

"There’s a lot in store for director, Sean Kirkpatrick, and leads Chris Kerson and Will Blagrove, that I'm glad to say this film has made me want to follow three different careers as I'm sure we'll be hearing A LOT from these three guys!"  - 

"..Chris and Will from one scene to the next. I don’t think there could have been any other actors who would have played these characters so real and raw to their core, it’s almost a sin to even think of anyone else. There might have been a few A-listers out there...sometimes “gambles” are good, and what raw under-the-radar actors can deliver, most of Hollywood's meat lacks."  - 

"Both Chris Kerson and Will Blagrove give polarizing performances. It is their performances that elevate the project to another level. Kerson and Blagrove both seized there opportunity and dug into their roles with such preparation, passion and enthusiasm that you don’t realize that this was filmed so quickly on a next to nothing budget." - 

"Actor Chris Kerson’s Tommy is so tightly wound, you keep waiting for him to snap. His flawed protagonist walks a fine line trying to do the right things – while at the same time doing the absolute worst. His anger at having to resume his life of crime is palpable.” - 

"Kirkpatrick pulls astoundingly good performances out of his cast of unknowns, particularly in Tommy’s side of the story. Kerson excels at radiating existential intensity." -